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Why Should I Participate in my Union?

Professional associations are able to contact public authorities, corporatist bodies, farmers and workers unions (both on a national and international level), and the representatives of various social groups, on any issue regarding the professional interests of their members. They are also able to shape, make and implement decisions regarding the common professional, financial and social interests of their members, as well as the general interests of society as a whole. Among the actions it implements in order to promote issues that concern enterprises, GSEVEE intervenes in a range of matters that “touch” and affect our everyday lives: insurance policies, occupational safety and health matters in the workplace, the problem of over-indebted households (since the majority of trapped borrowers comprise of small and medium professionals and entrepreneurs), diversity in the workplace and in society. All these are just some of the problems that GSEVEE addresses.           

By enforcing their positions in the hierarchy of the collective bodies on all levels –Unions, Federations, GSEVEE– women are able to participate in a meaningful way in the decision making process and intervene in affairs that affect the everyday lives of themselves and their families.          

As persons that are responsible for many roles (working woman, mother, and wife) and at the same time have their own ambitions and aspirations, women must actively press for their right to effectively influence and shape developments in all areas of their lives.        

For them, the active participation in the union movement can be one of the ways to have a stronger and more substantial presence and intervention in the rapid developments that currently take place.






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